Lucibel is invited by the French Army to participate at the Defense Innovation Agency

Lucibel is invited by the French Army to participate at the Defense Innovation Agency

Lucibel is a french company specialising in the design and manufacturing of new generation lighting products and solutions from LED technology. Lucibel sees that LED revolution goes far beyond lighting and provides access to new markets. For several years, the group has decided to position itself on new uses of LED, namely in well-being (circadian lighting, cosmetics) and light-based communication (LiFi, VLC). Lucibel announces that it has won the contest issued by the French Army in June 2018 for LiFi equipment in the Technical Section of the Army, to test its technology of access to the internet by light.

Following this success, twenty LiFi luminaires were delivered to evaluate the relevance of this solution during an operational readiness exercise.

Lieutenant-Colonel Julien said: “LiFi has great potential for improving the agility and stealth of our command posts. Indeed, this wireless technology can significantly reduce deployment times while ensuring a very strong electromagnetic discretion."

In addition, the Army wanted Lucibel to participate in the Innovation Defense Forum, which is being held on November 22, 23 and 24 at the Cité de la Mode and Design in Paris. The 1 st edition of this forum will present innovative projects led by the French Department of the Army, in the fields of scientific and technological innovation, operational innovation, and innovation in all areas of the necessary support to the armed forces .

It is at the heart of the Forum that the Defense Innovation Agency will present the "LiFi by Lucibel" solution and will offer a demonstration of this technology, in the presence of Lucibel group employees.

Frédéric Granotier, Chief Executive Officer of Lucibel, statess: "The interest of the French Army in LiFi technology offered by Lucibel solution is excellent news. This confirmation of interest opens promising prospects for Lucibel, while Lucibel has just launched its 2nd generation LiFi luminaires, with improved performance and a retail price divided by more than 2 ".

Li-Fi has a very bright future in the many years to come.